Struggling with maintaining consistent habits? 

Excited to start a new routine but it never sticks?

You feel stuck and don’t have an understanding of what your next step should be? 

I hear ya! And of course you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious around all the things you want to be doing but aren’t!

  • Taking care of life responsibilities, and sticking to your good habits is challenging. But there is hope!
  • Creating daily success and achieving it is not difficult if done in a systematic way.
  • And how, you ask? Breaking large tasks (your big goal) down into smaller chunks and then taking daily action towards that, that’s how.  
  • This can seem hard but success is all about being aware of your strengths and using them towards building the right habits towards your goals. When practiced efficiently you will achieve the consistency you long for.



Develop and build sustainable habits towards taking small consistent actions to manage time and productivity.


Build sustainable habits around clean eating, exercise and routines to maintain a healthy body and mind.


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After working with me, my clients were able to successfully beat procrastination and take action towards being consistent on their weight loss and health goals. They learned how to build habits that stick, to work on their priorities without getting distracted by their phones and life’s daily demands.

My clients have increased productivity, so now they have more time and energy to spend with their family and engage in fun activities for themselves. Others developed skills to manage their self-limiting beliefs and fear of the unknown that enabled them to move forward on their career goals such as speaking with prospective clients over the phone or engaging in networking events.


I have been coaching with Amritha for the past 4 months and I achieved a major milestone that I had shunned away from the past six years. I got back into the gym! This was an impressive feat by Amritha, considering I had a past major gym injury that left me disheartened from working out and had begun to rely on processed sugar for instant gratification.

Amritha helps us by delving deeper into the root causes behind why we hold ourselves back from our true health potential and just ever so slightly nudges our health trajectory in the right path.

Amritha helped me realize I could be the healthiest version of myself if I wanted it. She is currently helping me better understand my relationship with my food, and even though it is a process, I know that Amritha is the key to me achieving long-lasting changes in my health goals.

It truly helps that she radiates positivity and is a great confidante. Please connect with Amritha if you are someone looking to make that change today. You will thank yourself one day. :)

- Nidish (Realtor, BC, Canada)

I came in touch with Amritha when I was finding challenges in setting a definite routine and maintaining consistency in my work and personal life goals. Her approach was very simple, no rocket science, and easy to work small steps.

After 6 weeks I saw a tremendous improvement in myself and I became more consistent and organised in planning and better equipped to handle my day-to-day plans.

She guided me through many easy-to-do steps which got integrated into my daily routine. Now I feel better, with no more overwhelming feelings, no more stress of not meeting timelines, and no more stress with regard to my routine.

- Atin Sehgal (Business Owner, India)

I took a few sessions with Coach Amritha and I found her to be intuitive, unbiased, and wonderfully pragmatic. She has a positive, upbeat, and caring personality that makes her easy to open up to. Deep discussions with her helped me address my mind blocks and once identified, she helped me create strategies to deal with them.

I felt empowered and highly motivated after talking to her. And it has helped me value what I do, thereby, directing me to have the vision to do things in a more planned out way with self-accountability. She also created a safe space to voice out my personal thoughts and in doing so, helped me channel my energies to be assertive and kinder.

I can vouch that Coach Amritha truly advocates for her clients and sincerely believes that they can achieve their full potential both on personal and professional fronts.

- Rohini (Postdoc, Philadelphia, USA)



I worked with Amritha because I needed a refresher to bring back the old spark and connection I used to have with my clients when I began working as a realtor.

As we worked together, I felt driven. I remained focused on my goals and improved connections and relations with my clients while being authentic to my personality and being my true self. I kept track of my wins which kept me motivated and improved my energy at work.

At the end of our sessions, I feel more focused, happy, and positive and look forward to my work and interactions. It was the pick-up I needed to keep moving forward and grow as a person. 

- Anish Abraham (Realtor, BC, Canada)

I attended 4 sessions with Amritha and each one of them have been super beneficial for me. She is very systematic in her approach and ensured that we did not stray away from the area of focus.

During the initial sessions, she really helped me identify my key focus areas, understand my obstacles and made me think about solutions to overcome them. Amritha would check on my progress which made me feel accountable to someone, this consciously drove me to achieve the goals I set out to do.

A particular session that stood out was one related to an area in my job that I wanted to progress. She deconstructed the situation, helped me uncover the root cause of my fears/inhibitions and advised on tips to break free from them. I continue to use them at work and I’ve seen some great progress in myself.

- Vandana (Corporate hustler, Fitness and Dance enthusiast, UAE)

When I started coaching with Amritha, I was mentally stressed and had sleeplessness due to overthinking. I was not in control of my emotions, which affected my work-life balance.

After a few sessions together, I was able to effectively reflect and get a sense of what I genuinely like and dislike, in both my personal and professional life.

Now, I am disciplined with new habits and routines created to sleep on time and wake up as planned, have better relationships with family and friends and mentally less stressed. I am in control of myself and see so much more possibilities continuing coaching with Amritha.

- Ashika (Finance & Business, USA)


Who are my usual clients?

My clients are anyone who is looking to make changes in their lifestyle, build habits in their personal or professional life to take action towards a positive change. Some of them are:-

  • Postdoc and researchers
  • Realtors
  • Business owners
  • Corporate employees
  • Med school and MBA students

What goals do they work on?

The goals may fall in any category such as Personal, Work, Family, Health and Spiritual.

Some like to work on career goals such as building better relationships at work or overcoming fears and objections speaking with new clients or engaging in networking events.

Some of them work on their health goals, such as building habits to eat right and exercise regularly.

Others work on breaking bad habits such as procrastination, mismanagement of money and overthinking.

What are some of the results I can expect?

Better management of your time and your energy levels throughout the day.

A well-planned routine or schedule that hits your weekly tasks and goals.

Improved communication and relationships with self and others.

A feeling of content and satisfaction at the end of the day because it went as planned.