Amritha here. I am a Molecular & Forensic Scientist-turned-certified Health and Habits Coach.

My life experiences taught me to be open-minded, unbiased and non-judgemental. I believe in, we are all human and there is nothing different amongst us except for the culture that we are born into. I believe that we are all here to grow, conquer and spread love.

As an adult, I noticed amongst my family and friends a struggle to manage habits, emotions and create a work-life balance. There was a misalignment between what one wants in life and the actions one takes. This misalignment was negatively impacting their health, family and married life.

I embarked on a journey to discover myself, explore my passions and whilst this journey I curated routines and habits around my work life to do the things I love and stay in great health. My innate desire to impart this knowledge got me into learning the psychology of building sustainable habits and becoming professionally equipped with the knowledge.

I earned a certificate in Life and Success Coaching from the Jay Shetty Certification School. This journey transformed me to become the brightest version of myself with enhanced vigor and vitality.

Now, I work with professionals who don't find time for themselves or have lost their momentum on things they want to pursue to build healthy and sustainable habits towards consistency and fulfilment to achieve their health and everyday routine goals.


As your Habit and Health Coach my goal is to dive deep into your habits, your strengths and potentials so that we can curate a routine to set you up for consistency and success whilst beat distractions and procrastination. I look forward to working with you and turning your goals into realities.


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