Break Bad Habits and Build Healthy Sustainable Ones

To achieve consistency in your routine is my passion

I help those who struggle with maintaining consistency in their routines and beat procrastination.

I break down goals into bite-sized achievable tasks and build habits that take you step by step towards your goals.


This is Amritha here. I am a Molecular & Forensic Scientist-turned-certified Habit and Health Coach.

Raised in Dubai and lived in over 3 countries, I support clients from different parts of the world raising awareness, clarity, and direction to help them become the best version of themselves. 

I help working professionals who struggle with maintaining consistent habits or who feel stuck, to build healthy and sustainable routines to taking consistent actions towards achieving their everyday goals.


I am a certified Life and Succes Coach by the industry-accredited Jay Shetty Certification School (JSCS). JSCS is accredited by the Association of Coaching (AC) and the Training Accreditation & Certification Organization Canada (TRACCERT). JSCS is also a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

I hold a Master’s degree from the University of California, Davis in Forensic Science. I also have 10 years of working experience as a Research Scientist and Molecular Biologist in academic, diagnostic and clinical laboratory settings.

I have been coaching with Amritha for the past 4 months and I achieved a major milestone that I had shunned away from the past six years. I got back into the gym! This was an impressive feat by Amritha, considering I had a past major gym injury that left me disheartened from working out and had begun to rely on processed sugar for instant gratification.

Amritha helps us by delving deeper into the root causes behind why we hold ourselves back from our true health potential and just ever so slightly nudges our health trajectory in the right path.

Amritha helped me realize I could be the healthiest version of myself if I wanted it. She is currently helping me better understand my relationship with my food, and even though it is a process, I know that Amritha is the key to me achieving long-lasting changes in my health goals.

It truly helps that she radiates positivity and is a great confidante. Please connect with Amritha if you are someone looking to make that change today. You will thank yourself one day. :)

- Nidish Abraham, Realtor, BC, Canada

I took a few sessions with Coach Amritha and I found her to be intuitive, unbiased, and wonderfully pragmatic. She has a positive, upbeat, and caring personality that makes her easy to open up to.

Deep discussions with her helped me address my mind blocks and once identified, she helped me create strategies to deal with them. I felt empowered and highly motivated after talking to her. And it has helped me value what I do, thereby, directing me to have the vision to do things in a more planned out way with self-accountability. She also created a safe space to voice out my personal thoughts and in doing so, helped me channel my energies to be assertive and kinder.

I can vouch that Coach Amritha truly advocates for her clients and sincerely believes that they can achieve their full potential both on personal and professional fronts.

- Rohini Nair, Post Doc, Philadelphia, USA


My coaching framework is based on Jay Shetty’s signature coaching framework: ABCs of Coaching.

I help clients build awareness of their strengths, break down their goals into bite-sized achievable tasks and help build habits that take them step by step towards their goals. I equip them with the tools to build the confidence and competence to work on their routines consistently whilst tackling challenges life throws at them.

As a part of the regulated coaching industry, I abide by the Global Code of Ethics for Coaches and Mentors.


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